Reward Work Not Wealth (Recommended Read)

A crew of Forest Service Staff, archaeology students, and volunteers working on reconstruction of a historic cabin at what was one Lake Sherman (Coleville National Forest, WA)


A good Briefing paper linked below. Worth your time if you care about Income Inequality and possible solutions.

“Oxfam’s campaign and call for action are very timely, because the inequality crisis is real. As the report points out, in many countries wage inequality has increased and the share of labour compensation in GDP has declined because profits have increased more rapidly than wages. While the income share of the top 1% has grown substantially, many others have not shared in the fruits of economic progress. Even in emerging countries with rapid economic growth, many workers, including a disproportionately large share of women, remain trapped in low pay and poverty wages.”

Reward Work Not Wealth

Reward work, not wealth To end the inequality crisis, we must build an economy for ordinary working people, not the rich and powerful.