Megan McArdle’s ’12 Rules for Life’ 

45 is Young and the building years ARE NOT OVER!!!

Never the less a few good rules below.  Some books I’ve linked that I’ve enjoyed reading as well.  🙂


“Forty-five is somehow a very definite year; there is no question that you are middle aged.

 At 45 one takes stock. The building years of your life are over, and what you are now is pretty much what you are going to be. Soon it will be what you were.
1. Be kind. Mean is easy; kind is hard. Somewhere in eighth grade, many of us acquired the idea that the nasty putdown, the superior smile, the clever one liner, are the signs of intelligence and great personal strength. But this kind of wit is, to borrow from the great John Scalzi, “playing the game on easy mode.” Making yourself feel bigger by making someone else feel small takes so little skill that 12-year-olds can do it. Those with greater ambitions should leave casual cruelty behind them.”

Source: Megan McArdle’s ’12 Rules for Life’ – Bloomberg