How the Internet Breaks Your Brain

“Twitter broke my brain. I’m not alone. New research from Pew found that 77 percent of Americans go online daily, but 26 percent claimed to be online “almost constantly.” Reading this brought me back to one day a few months ago, when I went outside for a cigarette, bringing my phone and cocktail with me. After a couple minutes of scrolling, whatever timer in my brain that governs my subconscious behavior went off, and I got up to go back inside, still holding an unlit cigarette in my hand. My addiction to Twitter had overridden my addiction to nicotine. That’s probably not good! I thought. Naturally, I tweeted about it.”

“Sometimes the laser cannon points both ways. The phone in your pocket isn’t so much a means of connection to the world, but a self-destruction device. Type in the right code and you can ruin your life. But if you’re lucky, and you have good friends, they might tell you what’s what back in the real world. Until then, we’re all blocking the train to type out a tweet, or walking back inside with an unlit cigarette. Our brains are broken because we’re the ones who broke them. So, what happens next?”

Source: How the Internet Breaks Your Brain