This website is mainly a curation of things I come across during the week that are interesting to me and that I think are worth sharing.  I’m new to blogging and just learning how to use WordPress, how to install plugins, what widgets do, etc, so apologies if the website is occasionally a mess with my ill-fated attempts to try new things and improve it.

I mainly link back to original articles, blog posts, and research that interests me.  Sometimes I add some additional thoughts but mainly you’ll find curation here.  I also share things that are interesting or make me laugh on Twitter.  If you wish to follow me there, I tweet at @dompaminetweets.

Finally, yes, there’s a little monetization on here.  Sorry about that but I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum (a few google ads, some affiliate linking to books or products I like or seem relevant).  You don’t have to click them if you do, it just helps to pay the bills.

Thank you for stopping by. Any links to this blog would be appreciated!  (I just read that’s apparently important in people even finding this site.) 😛

I hope you find something here that you otherwise might have missed that is interesting and impacts your life in a positive way.  🙂



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